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st_martin_a's Journal

8 July
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Irish/Scottish Englishman brought up in the south of England.
Spent a number of years in a failing indie-rock band and I'm now a teacher of Philosophy.

I find it interesting how the place you're brought up in influences your outlook on life and I like learning about different cultures. I love diversity and understanding how other people tick and see things. Having said that, I'm not interested in arguments about which belief system is wrong or right.
I'm a Christian but I'd rather spend time with people who are caring and fun than those who follow a particular belief.
I guess I'm interested in people with a similar attitude and from a variety of places.
I'm married with kids but don't post much about them here because I don't think most people generally want to hear about how people's kids are getting on.
I've made my account friends only now so if you'd like to add me just post a comment on my last post (whatever it was).
I'm always interested in adding new people.