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the early hours
I did my street pastoring again tonight.
one of the best things about it is the irregularity of it. Before i had kids i used to be a real late-owl. Then i had kids and it all changed and i hardly spend any time up at night. The street pastoring allows me to do that.
tonight i was on with mark, who looks like the English comedian Dave gorman...and sounds like Dave gorman...and acts like Dave gorman actually.
there was rob, who's quite a straight-laced guy in his 40s; nice guy.
and glynes, who I've been on with before.
it wasn't a particularly eventful night. We served up about 30 cups of tea; picked up about 30 glasses and bottles...
there was one old guy who sat with us for 3 hours. He was an afghan man, 59 years old. He knew the price of loads of food products in different shops and kept telling them to us and also kept saying he wanted to give us donations. Apparently he's going to give me £250.😌
he lived on the other side of the city and I've no idea what he was doing in Sutton at 1:00am on a Saturday night....?
anyway, now I'm back, I'm chilling with a sandwich and a glass of wine, watching the news and contemplating my lie-in tomorrow.
i love the early hours...

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it is odd but whenever I think of you pastoring I assume it was raining. I have no idea why I think this!

Well, this is England.
I've been lucky so far though. I don't think its rained once when I've done it.

Are you sure Mark isn't secretly Dave Gorman? :P

You must meet quite a variety of people!

He was ginger. A ginger Dave gorman.
A ginger Dave gorman makes a good street pastor though.
Yeah, one of the best things about it is the variety of people you meet.

Most cities in the uk have them now.
They are made up of volunteers from churches and they go out on the streets at night to help anyone who needs it. Apparently the crime-rate has dropped significantly when they've been out.
It's one of the most rewarding things I've been involved with.

It might have been Dave Gorman, he's always doing unusual things for his shows!

You know i did wander what that film crew was doing following us around...😥

Ask Mark if he's in Sheffield on the 6th December? That's when I'm going to see Dave Gorman :D

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