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Has anyone outside the uk seen the artwork at the tower of London?
it's pretty impressive.
to mark 100 years since the start of world war 1, an artist put a handcrafted poppy in one of the windows of the castle. Over time, he's added to it with the idea that each poppy represents a British person who died in the war. The piece of art is now finished with (i think this is right) 880 000 poppies. The amount of space occupied by them around the castle is the same as 16 football pitches and it looks really impressive. A sort of sea of red surrounding the castle.
there's a bit of controversy about it because it's supposed to come down on 11/11 (the date when world war ended) but some politicians have asked it to stay up so that the 1000s of people flocking to see it will get a chance.
cool piece of art.
really thought provoking.
i couldn't get an image to load up on my mobile but here's a link to one.

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That is visually stunning and absolutely amazing.

I have never been to London so I can't say but it's a beautiful city and I respect BBC.

I love the accent. I have heard from some that the accent is the way English should sound but I also have heard the upper class British invented it to alienate themselves from a looser way of speech. It's said to have trickled down to all the classes. I'm not sure which one is true exactly. But sometimes after watching several shows of Dr. Who, I find myself with a British accent for a couple of minutes afterwards.

The picture is stunning on so many levels. It invokes a feeling of awe in me really but also a touch of sadness. War always hurts.

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The bbc accent is very upper class but most people in England don't speak like that.
There's a whole range of accents from Jason Statham in the south to Cheryl Cole in the north (Cheryl Cole?) and then over the border into Scotland where you get your billy Connelly accent.

Oh wow. That's interesting. Thanks for sharing! It would be interesting to hear all those different ways one day.

That's unbelievable. The dedication alone is incredible. I don't blame people wanting to keep it around.

I saw photos of it a few weeks ago. It looks incredible! It would be amazing to see it in person.

I hope they leave it up, I'd like to see it one day but don't have any immediate plans to go to London.

I saw it unfinished earlier this year. The bright red is pretty impressive.

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