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I'd be interested to hear what people in Russia think about the arrest of Pussy Riot.
In England it's on the news but doesn't say much about them except that they've been arrested for protesting against the gov't in a cathedral and could get 7 years in prison. All the stuff on lj is in Russian. What's the word on the street? (in English plezse)

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Eat your words Mit Romney.

Johnny Rotten on Question Time
Good to see John "voice of the people" Lydon on Question TIme last night speaking out agaisnt the corruption discovered in British banks. It just goes to show you that politicians and business-men can't hide behind suits and ties and get away with it. Or will they? 

Army of the Broken Hearted

Ben Blower & the Army of the Broken Hearted played the Cafe Garden Kitchen in Birmingham last night – coolest band in the world. A harmonica player with a Salvador Dali tash and beard; a drummer playing a drum kit that was made of a cardboard box, a tambourine and a syrup can; three hippy chicks singing and playing an assortment of percussion - a washboard, one of those Russian dolls (with rice in it as a shaker), and a tin of celebrations with a drum stick (which was bashed into a pulp by the end of the night). The singer looked like Richard Hammond but sounded like a cross between Tom Robinson and Tom Waits. With thoughtful lyrics and a wierd bluesey folk sound they got the audience to join in with various home-made percussion instruments to complete the line-up of the band - an army of broken hearted people. Fantastic.

Ruined by fame and money
He was influenced by a wide variety of musical artists.From Joni Mitchell to James Brown. He was a brilliant musician and he churned out music which had a unique magic to it.

When Prince started, he expressed his hedonistic philosophy with the latest synthesizer sounds in a style of his own. He added a band (to take it on the road) and post-punk touches from early 80s culture and produced 'Dirty Mind' - raw and yet funky with even more confidence shining through.

He developed this into a bigger, new synth-led pop which attracted world-wide interest and Prince became the leader of a musical movement creating his own purple, shiny world. It got bigger still and more and more innovative, producing classic albums like 'Purple Rain, 'Around the World in a Day and 'Parade'. No-one else produced sounds like him.

And then he dropped the band from his recordings - 'written, performed and produced by Prince' (no Revolution) and while the old magic was still there, to me, it felt like Prince had made a slightly backwards move and the freshness of the band was missing. 'Sign O The Time's was his first step down-hill. The greatness was still there he but was heading in the wrong direction (starting to do things like distort his voice with speeded up vocals!?).

After this album Prince started to get lost in his own little purple world. He went further still ('Lovesexy'!?) and his material became stranger and yet at the same time safer/duller. Gradually each album got further and further out of touch (reflected in his sense of fashion) and Prince became a victim of his own success. Lost in a musical world of Prince perfection at Paisley Park studios it became more and more difficult for the rest of us to relate to him until he eventually lost his name and went on to produce nothing but bland, middle-of-the-road pop.

Prince had something very special and its a shame that the old magic seems to have gone.

Fame and money - the ruin of many a man.

One of Kony's commanders has been arrested.
Hear @Opiaiya at 2000GMT on the capture of a senior member of the #LRA. #Uganda says Caesar Achellam was caught in an ambush in the CRA.Hear @Opiaiya at 2000GMT on the capture of a senior member of the #LRA. #Uganda says Caesar Achellam was caught in an ambush in the CRA.Hear @Opiaiya at 2000GMT on the capture of a senior member of the #LRA. #Uganda says Caesar Achellam was caught in an ambush in the CRA.

Spiritual rock 'n' roll
The greatest Christian albums of all time (in no particular order):

'October' by U2
'Just Visiting This Planet' by Larry Norman
'We're Not Grasshoppers' by Dissident Prophet
'Bring 'Em All In' by Mike Scott
'Tangled Soul' by Martyn Joseph
'No Line On The Horizon' by U2
'American Recordings' by Johnny Cash
'Weapons of Mass Deception' by The Maccabees

No cliched lyrics, just gritty, honest feelings about life, God and living to the full.



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