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I've always felt obliged to go out or do something special On New Years Eve but I realized this year that I don't really enjoy it. So this year I just had one glass of wine and me and my wife watched a film ('Enigma' anyone? Good film). My wife fell asleep half way through it (maybe I wasn't that good :)). It happened to finish at sea on midnight so I then turned on to BBC1 and watched the fireworks going off over the Thames for a few minutes and then went to sleep.
This morning I went for a run. There's a weird subculture out there on New Years Day morning - cyclists and joggers who say hello when they pass you. If you live in some remote part of the world that probably isn't very unusual but in Birmingham it's virtually unheard of. At one point I passed about 15 cyclists and they were all smiles and "morning!", "Eh!", "Happy new year!"...
I've not made any resolutions. I'm in quite a good routine exercise-wise and resolutions never work for me, so there you go.
Hope 2015 is good to you all.

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lol. I hope it's good to you too.
I'm not sure what you being good has to do with your wife falling asleep to a movie... (j/k, I understood your bad behavior)

I was also pretty.. non-celebratory this year. Just stayed in praying and watching/doing things online. You think it's a big deal in the moment, but you usually don't remember it anyway.

You know, I got this kindle for Christmas, loaded on a new version of lj and after writing a massive...well, quite long (for me anyway) post, it wouldn't work.😒
So I re erted back to my mobile, and it now won't let me edit 😥 so now, and with prdictable txt it doesn't help, I end up writing stuff that doesn't always make sense. 😥
So yeah, it should read - it (the film) might not have been good, not some weird thing about me not being good!?which makes it sound like some kind of sexual thing going on...great.
No wonder not many people have responded to this post!😃
Happy new year anyway!

Yeah, I totally thought that was the joke you were trying to make. lol. It wasn't creepy or anything, though. Just a bit unexpected.

People may also have lives on New Years Day. I'm just spending mine on the net. :P

Happy new year, hun!

I did read it as 'it' wasn't good but after your comments I'm now giggling! ;)

For me exercise is never a New Year's resolution but a lifetime resolution.

Have a Happy 2015 Andy :)

I hope you have a wonderful 2015 :)

Nice work!
Yes I was interested to see what the subculture was like here on early NYD, but was just too tired. Even after a quiet one.
Here where I live in the suburbs of Melbourne, it's half-half. A lot of people will greet you with a hello or how are you when you pass them. Not as much in the CBD, there's too many people!

Sounds like a nice relaxing New Years Eve :)
May you have a wonderful 2015!

Hi, I just read your profile after seeing your comment on Zoefruitcakes LJ and it really seemed to strike a chord with me. I don't post as often as I should / or would like but I hope that perhaps we could add :) (Ellie)

My pleasure.
Lovely to meet you!

This morning I went for a run There's a weird subculture out there on New Years Day morning - cyclis

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