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mucho gusto
After church this morning we had the family from Venezuela over to our house for dinner.
i really loved it.
we hit it off really well and the kids all played happily which gave me a chance to speak with Antonio and practice my spanish. At one point i had to remind myself that i was actually talking spanish.
One bit of cultural difference which i found interesting was that in Venezuela people don't shorten their names to make them more informal. Antonio , por ejemplo, is never shortened to Toni. He found it funny how my names is shortened from Andrew to Andy and sometimes to And.
they're a lovely family and i hope we remain friends.

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Muy bien, muy bien mi amigo LOL :))

That's great that you got to practice your Spanish and more importantly spend quality time with friends and family :)

Come to think of it, Portuguese people don't usually shorten their names either... I can think of a couple relatives that do but they have been in Canada or America for years. When I went back to Portugal, no one seemed to do it there. In fact, a lot times children are named after parents or other relatives so they might use first and middle names when addressing each other. It's really long names haha.

Sounds like a good night, and a chance for you to practice your Spanish! South American Spanish is a little different from the way it's spoken in Spain, isn't it?

I didn't know that about the names. Such cultural differences!

sounds great! I barely know any Spanish myself.

great that you all enjoyed yourselves :0)

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