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prince has released a new single. best thing he's done in years. i used to be a massive fan in 80s but I don't know what happened to him in the 90s. money must have gone to his head. I like the new one though. well funky. like the way he's released it too - under a different name - third eye girl. mysterious like he was in his prime but not pretencious like he later became. ok, maybe a bit pretencious but it sounds like he's made it back down to earth. good to have you back prince.

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That is acutely interesting music news . I used to love Prince too.

Well, the news today is that it wasn't Prince who put his song on the net. Third Eye Girl (whoever that is) is being sued by his lawyers for putting it on!?
I'm still suspicious though. It's turning into a great marketing campaign.
For me, it's the best thing he's done since 'Sign O The Times'. Really like it.

cool. if you search 'same page different book' on youtube it's the first one that comes up. i'd send you the link but i don't know how to cut and paste on my mobile.

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It's funny. I just uploaded a load of prince's newer albums that i bought when they were released but didn't think much of them. They are growing on me but it was his 80s stuff that i loved.
What do you think of u2? A lot of their music is about spirituality from a christian perspective. I find their stuff really inspiring.

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