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Back from Greenbelt
Well, Greenbelt was everything I hoped it would be.
We arrived about half nine on the Sunday morning and went straight to the main-stage for the church service. There were about 10 000 people there and it had a really laid-back feel which is the way I like it. The band were as good as ever (drums, bass, guitar, a few other instruments and a choir). One of the songs we sung was 'Bring 'Em All In' which made my morning. It's a song that Mike Scott from the Waterboys wrote:

Bring the unforgiven
bring the unredeemed
bring the lost, the nameless
let 'em all be seen
bring 'em out of exile
bring 'em out of sleep
bring 'em to the portal
lay them at my feet

After the service we headed round the village. There were a number of marques set up and loads of food stalls selling anything from Japanese food to roast dinners. Expensive but good quality.
Then we watched a singer called Martyn Joseph on a smaller stage. He plays folk music which isn't normally my thing but he's a great performer and the lyrics to his songs are really clever.
We went round the village again. It's set up in Cheltenham Race-course which normally holds horse-racing but also hires itself out for other events. It was very muddy due to the rain from the previous couple of days but at least it kept dry.
Then we got ready for the Proclaimers who were playing on the main stage. Two of my friends, my son and myself painted our faces with the Scottish flag (as you can see) and headed down to the front. My friend said I looked like a Glasgow Rangers football hooligan but I thought I looked more like the Tango man from the fizzy drink advert. Anyway, what I like about Greenbelt is anything goes. The people that go are made up from the young to the old and you can wear anything and not look out of place.
Watching the Proclaimers was a a riot. Jumping up and down like a lunatic is something I don't do very often but I love the energy of it. I'd tell you that the band noticed us with our face-paint and smiled at us but I'd probably sound like one of those sad fanatics... ha ha
In the evening everything at Greenbelt lights up and looks really magical.
We watched Nitin Sawhney (the headline act) - they won the Mercury Music Award last year which is given for innovative new music. They play a kind of mixture of Indian music with dance rhythmns and some quality soul singers. Really enjoyed it.
We caught a comedian in one of the tents on the way out and then headed home in the early hours.
I'll definately be heading back next year. It's such a positive place. Highly recommended.

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Glad you enjoyed it. Did you take any photos?

Some of the kids from my youth group sent pictures to me of the proclaimers, Frank Skinner and Nitin Sawhney via Facebook.

Was the tiny tea tent there this year? - it's where I usually meet my friends.

Yeah, I had myself a cup of chai tea! Still not sure if I like it.: )
Took some photos on my mobile but they didn't come out great. Apparently there's a photo of us on the Greeenbelt website.
I really enjoyed it and am definately going back next year.

Glad you enjoyed! One of the girls in my choir went and she was a steward! I love Nitin Sawhney!

It probably works well going as a steward because you get involved in stuff and there are probably a few perks that go with the role. I thought about doing that myself but I had my son with me and he's only 11.
I bought the prophesy album when I got back because it was cheap and he opened his set with the song sunset, but it sounded much better live. I think he had 2 drummers onstage and the sound was just awesome. I guess it was the atmosphere too.

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